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About Licensed Support

Licensed Support is a company new to New England and the greater Manchester area. We service children who are delayed in language, communication, social interaction, and behavior. Through ABA funding, children can receive direction and group instruction. 

We connect with children and families to change lives, one child at a time. Licensed Support is your partner in ABA Services; from school to home we deliver comprehensive, insurance funded services. Through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Licensed Support produces functional outcomes for children with autism, at no charge to parents. 

ABA therapy provides pivotal skills that reduce problem behaviors and increases significant interactions. Our parents learn to work alongside our team to provide the best support for their children. Our expert team works together to provide functional life skills and meaningful connections.

Licensed Support is an evolving ABA Services company which began as a small program in 2017, expanding across states in 2022. The growth is attributed to the quality ABA Services we provide, aligning with care, compliance, and technological advances in the healthcare industry. Our corporate headquarters are located in New York City. These roots provide the strength to support children throughout its locations with professionalism and quality care. The company maintains a strong, coordinated staff of well-trained personnel with collective experience in each location. As Licensed Support grows with its family of clients, so does our capacity to empower and strengthen our families! Our additional support staff and clinical professionals allow our new locations to continue our vision and mission to service moderate to high functioning autistic children.

Licensed Support helps support children in need of ABA Services, within both private and public schools. We know the challenges that both private and public schools face in obtaining extra support in the classroom and Licensed Support can be that additional support. We provide resources and funding in multiple ways that positively impacts all of the enrolled student body. Within a school program, Licensed Support may directly fund extracurricular activities such as physical education, crafts, and outdoor activities, as it may encompass an opportunity for group interaction and social skills. 

Services provided by Licensed Support include: IEP-Based Services, Insurance Funded Services, ABA Classrooms, 1:1 Individual Services, Group Social Skills, Parent Training, and Preschool Support Services. We are a “value-added” program, which enhances school programing far beyond the ABA services we provide in the classroom. 

Our staff includes: Licensed Behavior Analysts (BCBA), ABA and RBT Paraprofessionals, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Counseling Services, Coordinators, Behavior Technicians, and Psychologists.

We are committed to provide dedicated service for all.

We are Licensed Support. Empowering families. Changing lives.

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